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I’ll help you by recommending small adjustments – based on your unique design – that will help you find greater joy & freedom in your daily routines

I’ll explain what your Energy Type & Strategy mean for you, and how you can start exploring personal acceptance & self-love

I’ll teach you the steps to discover your personal design, including more about the art & science of how we’re created

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Interpret  Your Findings

Learn  Your Unique Design

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How It Works:

xo Carolyn

This work is precious and powerful and will transform our lives. It certainly changed mine for the better. I can’t WAIT to share it with you. 

I am passionate about creating a world of abundance and alignment - a place of joy, love & freedom. I know this is possible, and I know I can help. 

I started living more in alignment with my design by making small changes to my routines and mindset that matched my unique energy type and profile. And finally, I was able to find self-acceptance and joy in my uniqueness. 

I quickly became obsessed with helping other people find self compassion, understanding and growth by learning about their Human Design. 

And eventually, I discovered that THIS is what I want to do every day. It’s what fills me and moves me, beyond anything the corporate world could.

Living the way I thought I should felt heavy because it’s not how I was designed to live. 

So I jumped into a journey of self-discovery, soaking up as much knowledge and practice as possible. It wasn’t until I discovered Human Design - the art and science of how we are created - that things started to click.

What I learned about myself made a lot of sense. I realized that my feelings are valid, and that I wasn’t damaged or wrong, I was out of alignment. 

Do you ever feel this way?

I spent 14 years in a corporate job, doing what others said would make me successful. But I felt undervalued and unfulfilled. Life felt heavy.

hi friend!

like you're a square peg trying to fit into a round hole

and never able to get enough sleep or rest

like you're lost or without purpose in life

what others say will make you happy, but you're not

you feel different

you're burned out

you feel stuck

you keep doing

Who is this for?

"Your thoughtful guidance made me feel at ease as we moved through work that was both introspective and reflective. I came away... with a plan that gave me assurance, practical next steps, and resources to continue my journey. "

terri says...

"I loved getting and looking through my Human Design report. [carolyn] helped me think about things differently, and making those small tweaks she suggested in my daily routine led to more satisfaction and happiness."

kristel says...

"I’ve been able to really understand the way I interact with the world, and what I need to be successful. Self acceptance and compassion are much easier to apply when you know who you are and what you need."

brooklyn says...

What others are saying...

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